Moving to a new City and State: What to expect

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We all reach that age where living with our parents is no longer a feasible option for them or us. You might be pushing Twenty-five like me (or perhaps older/younger) and the pressure is on you to make a move. Not only is the pressure probably on you from your parents, but you’re just at the age where you want your own space and freedom, as you should. When deciding on how to make this move into your first place you’re faced with an array of options. It’s up to you to decide, where your new home will be. Do you want to stay close by? Do you want to move away entirely? I chose to move to a completely different state and city, which I do not regret for a second. In this post I’ll give you a little bit of advice from someone who just took the biggest leap of faith of her life and moved 10 hours away from home.

Tip number One: Research areas you’re interested in

You may have a few different States in mind when you think about where you want to live. You may be thinking California, New York, etc. and that is totally possible. However, you really want to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH the area you’re considering. What is the cost of living like in that area? What is rent like? Which areas are a little too hood for your liking lol? Which areas are out of your price range? WHAT IS YOUR PRICE RANGE? Make sure to look at pictures and also if you know anyone who lives in that area ask them questions as well–They will know more from making that move first hand themselves.

Tip number Two: Visit the area

Another thing you’re going to want to do is visit the area you want to move to. Unfortunately pictures and hear say just aren’t enough. It’s super risky to move somewhere that you’ve never even seen or been to. What if you move there and it’s completely not what you expected? The neighborhood looks worse in person, it’s far as hell from literally everything etc etc….Just trust me, you want to see the area beforehand.

Tip number Three: You’ve found the right place–Now start saving! (If you haven’t already)

It goes without saying that you should already have a savings account as an adult. If you do, hell even if you don’t, what I will tell you is to CONTINUE to save. You should NOT move without having at least a months rent and then some saved up. When you move into your new place you want to have no worries at all. Moving into a new place can smack you with a lot of fees all at once. The last thing you want to do is run out of all your money as soon as you get there and have to worry about not even making it two months. You’re going to need groceries, household items, etc and those things AREN’T FREE! So basically, save a months rent PLUS’ll be glad you did. Trust me.

Tip number Four: Remember to factor in your other bills

When you’re moving you have a lot more than rent to think about. People tend to forget that along with rent comes (in some places) Gas, Electricity, Water, Cable, Valet trash (in my case), Cable (if you want it) etc. Even outside of your actual home bills, you may be paying your phone bill, Car insurance, Students loans, a Car note. It’s important to factor in ALLLLL of your expenses when trying to see what you can afford. Make a list of everything you’re paying for, add it up with rent and utilities, THEN ask yourself if that’s a realistic amount of expenses for you to keep up with. Doing this may help you see whether you need to be looking for a cheaper place to live or not.

Tip number Five: Find a Job BEFORE you move there

Before you move out there PLEASE find a job in the area you are moving to. Moving to a new area with no job is really only acceptable if you’ve got thousands upon thousands of dollars saved up and you can afford to do so. Even with that, I do not recommend going out there without solidifying a job. Securing a job will assure that you do not have to worry about money, you’ll be able to replenish the money from your savings very quickly and it’ll make for a smooth transition. I recommend putting your resume on Indeed and Linked in, and searching for jobs in your new city. Make sure your resume says your new address instead of the one you’re moving from. Employers want to see that you’re close by..not that you live 10 hours away. Find a job that’s going to pay hourly or yearly what you need to be able to afford your new home. I would not recommend even looking at jobs that are paying under the rate that you need. Waste of time. Also, Give yourself at least a month before your move to search your ass off for jobs. If one bites the bait, just explain you will be moving to the area very soon and you’re willing to interview in person with them shortly after your arrival there. Most jobs will be understanding and agree to this.

Tip number Six: Throw a going away party and create a registry for people to get you gifts for your home!

This is by far going to be one of THE most helpful tips. Have a going away party! Not just a regular going away party, but more like a housewarming party except it’s before you move. Create a registry with Target or Bed Bath and Beyond, any home store of your choice. Your friends and family are excited for your new journey, and they will do anything they can to help. No you don’t want to straight up ask people for gifts..that would be rude lol. You’re just simply having a going away party and if people decide to buy you things off your registry awesome, if not..oh well, no biggie. Most people WILL buy you things off your registry though so put the right things on there. Remember you will need pots and pans, an Iron, a broom, A toaster, towels…SO many things that you don’t think of. Sit down and really think of everything you will need and add it to your registry. Don’t add anything crazy expensive…no one is going to buy you a 800 dollar television lol. Stick to the basics. Tupperware, a blender, things of that nature that won’t run them more than 50 bucks. Trust me when I say…You will be so happy that you did this. When I moved to Atlanta, I didn’t need a single thing. I’m not kidding either, I didn’t need A SINGLE THING because all of my family and friends bought every last thing on my registry. It’s worth a try! You lose nothing from this tip, only gain.

Tip number Seven: It’s about to be move out day–Which moving truck or company should you use?

There’s a couple things you need to think about when deciding on a moving company or truck. Do you have a car? If you have a car you want to think about how you will get it to your new city. There are a couple of options, you can ship your car (Super expensive), If  you don’t have a lot of stuff you can simply fill up your car and drive that, OR you can get a moving truck and hook your car up to the back of the truck.  When it comes to moving trucks research different companies. What I didn’t know, was that Enterprise actually has moving vans and they’re WAY cheaper than Uhaul. I ended up going with Enterprise because it cost me a whole 200 dollars less than Uhaul and just seemed like the better option. You will have to pay at the end of your move when you turn in the vehicle, and it’ll be based off how many days you had it. Make sure you have a budget strictly set aside for the moving aspect of the trip. You’ll need money for the vehicle and for gas.

Tip number Eight: You’re moved in. Do you want T.V., Wifi, or both?

So I don’t know about y’all but I don’t watch a ton of shows on cable T.V. I’m more of a Netflix and chill type of chick lol. So when I moved into my place, my boyfriend and I decided that we would just get wifi so that we can use our computers, he could use his Playstations, and we could stream movies etc on the T.V. without paying the extra money for cable. Now that being said, I can’t promise that EVERY show you watch can be found on a streaming app.. So if you’re someone who watches a lot of actual Television shows that you know are hard to find on streaming apps, then maybe you should get the TV cable and wifi package. It will cost you a pretty penny to have both cable and wifi. If you can afford both and want both, knock yourself out! But for those who want to save money and can do without cable..Just get wifi. Cheaper and just as good as having actual cable in my eyes.

Tip number Nine: Explore your new area

You’re all moved in. Now what? Explore! You’re in a whole new territory. Get to know it! When you have the time hit up the local festivals, the mall, the shows. Look online for things to do in your area. Get to know and love your new area. There’s SO much exploring to do and things to learn about your new home. So get to it!

Tip number Ten: Enjoy your new freedom!

At this point, you did it! You are out of your parents house and you are feeling like you’re on top of the world LOL . YOU ARE FREE! Enjoy this new freedom but remember with new freedom comes new responsibility! Don’t be afraid to call Mom and Dad when you need some advice on how to adjust to your new living situation. You will miss home sometimes..but this is your NEW home, make it a great one!

I hope you all enjoyed my tips! Not every post will be this long, I just have a lot to say on this one considering I just moved away from home myself. If you’re about to move out congratulations and Good luck on your new journey….Because it definitely IS a journey!



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