Four quick & easy DIY Face masks that you can make from ingredients you have in your kitchen!

So first off, I just got back from my vacation to Miami for MY 25TH birthday (which was on May 21st)! I had a great time, but naturally..I payed zero mind or attention to my Blog (hence the disappearance). While I was in Miami I wore make up more often than I do in my every day life. Usually, I only wear make up on weekends and that’s IF I’m going out. While in Miami I wanted to look Glam the whole time so I was beat to the GAWDS the entire trip. When I got back to Atlanta, I was ready to take off the make up and give this face some much-needed TLC with some of my favorite DIY Face Masks. Below I’ll be talking about a few of my favorite DIY masks that you can likely make from things you already have in your kitchen! Let’s get started!



For this mask, LITERALLY all you need is Good ol’ plain Oats. Oats have been used in skin care as far back as 2000 BC! Oats are inflammatory, meaning if your skin is inflamed they will soothe it. This is why you will see in oatmeal listed as an ingredient in a lot of products meant for people with eczema or other skin conditions. To make this into a mask I like to put the oats in a blender so that it makes it into more of a powder. Then, once it’s a powder, I add a little bit of water to it until it forms a paste. Once you get it into a paste consistency apply it to your clean face and leave it on for as long as you can, then rinse! This is by far my favorite mask for when my skin is broken out or irritated and you really do see results with this! ( oh and another fun fact, Oats also help your skin retain moisture)



Banana’s are something I discovered were good for your skin back when I was in Esthetician school and we went over a chapter that covered natural remedies. What I’ve found is, Bananas applied to your face has actually been shown to help reduce dark marks over time. Not only is it supposed to help with dark marks, but it also makes your skin feel super soft and moisturized. Honey is something I’ve LOVED to use for a while now. Honey is anti bacterial AND a humectant, meaning it locks moisture into the skin. Because Honey is anti bacterial it’s great for when you have a break out going on! It’ll shrink the pimples AND moisturize your skin at the same time! Simply mash the banana up in a bowl and add honey…then put it on your skin and you’re good to go! (DISCLAIMER: MAKE SURE THE HONEY YOU’RE USING IS PURE HONEY, MEANING IT DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING ADDED TO IT. THE INGREDIENTS SHOULD JUST SAY HONEY ON THE BOTTLE!)



Avocado is literally one of my favorite things to I kind of hate putting it on my face.. BUT I can not deny that Avocado does some pretty amazing things for my skin when I do use it as a mask! Avocados are super rich in antioxidants which can help prevent wrinkles and help with overall skin health. This is a naturally moisturizing mask that is great for all skin types, including acne prone skin. You can either just mash up avocado only, OR mix it with Honey or Banana for added skin benefits!



Maybe you’re hung over and your skin is looking dull and lifeless..throw this mask on lol!!! I call this, the BRIGHTENING mask! Turmeric is a bright yellow-ish Orange colored spice that has been used as a beauty staple for Indian Brides for forever!! This spice is known to clear breakouts, reduce redness, reduce pigmentation, brighten and tone AND is anti-inflammatory.  Pairing it with Honey helps it to stick to your face (because obviously its a spice) and not only that but it’s a match made in Heaven. As I stated earlier Honey is great for clearing and moisturizing the skin, so you can’t go wrong with this pair. Put some Honey in a bowl, sprinkle some Tumeric in it and mix it up til you have an orange paste, then apply the mask! This face mask WILL give your skin a little yellow tint if you don’t wash it off reaaaally good..but don’t worry it doesn’t last LOL

Those are FOUR DIY face Masks that you can make from ingredients you already have in your home! If you try any of these and like them please make sure to comment and let us all know your experience, OR if you know a good DIY not listed please share with the rest of us! Thankssss



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