Lets talk Birth Control: The decision to stay on OR get off of Oral Contraception.



Whether you made the choice to get on Birth Control because of Severe PMS Symptoms and heavy periods, or just because you were sexually active and didn’t want to risk having a baby; a lot of us ladies have at some point been on some form of Birth control (i.e. The pill, The shot, Implants etc). Birth Control has helped so many of us…But what about when it stops helping and starts hurting? How do you know what symptoms may be from the Birth Control you’re taking or if they’re just everyday life medical occurrences?

For some background, I’ve been on Birth Control for quite a few years. Originally starting it for those insanely annoying PMS reasons, like most young females. As I got older it only made sense to continue to be on it just to be covered in every aspect. I’ve been on what I felt like was every form of Birth Control possible.  To name a few that I’ve tried, in order: The Depo Shot, The Nuva Ring, The Nexplannon Implant and eventually ending up on Birth Control Pills. I was never really told by my doctor about any side effects that I would get while on these different contraceptives. I basically had to find out on my own through trial and error what would physically happen to me when trying each different birth control method. The Depo shot made me severely depressed and you had to get off of it after two years because it messes with your bone density, the Nuva Ring was breaking my skin out pretty bad…and the Nexplannon Implant…well that had me “spotting” for literal MONTHS at a time. Although these sound like some bad side effects, none of them were enough to deter me from the idea of taking Birth Control.


Then I started my journey on the pill. Over the course of two years on the pill, my blood pressure went through the roof. I’m talking a number of 145, where it’s suppose to be around 120 for a person of my age. I should also mention, no one in my family has a history of High Blood Pressure below the age of 90 years old. Not only did my blood pressure go sky-high, my eye sight which had always been 20/20 PERFECT vision slowly deteriorated to the point of me needing glasses for distance. I had severe chronic migraines every single day without failure. My moods became quite severe, with my lows feeling extremely low (borderline Depression) and my highs being very high. To say this became my new normal for the past couple of years is a bit of an understatement..I completely let all of this slip under the radar, NEVER  attributing it to my Birth Control. Then one day…when picking up my pack of pills as I always do..I noticed that on the front was stapled a pamphlet. I never noticed this pamphlet being stapled to the front of my pack before, but this day it stood out. What it was, was a pamphlet of all the possible side effects and warnings of my Birth Control Pills.

To name a few of the possible symptoms of my birth control, it ranged from Chronic Migraines and stomach pain, Dizziness and vomiting, Weakened eyesight, Depression, Blood Clots, and High Blood Pressure. The list goes on much longer than that, but those were the main ones to stick out to me. That was really the moment it all clicked for me...Every random medical symptom that I’ve experienced was actually not random at all. Even down to the “weakened eyesight” symptom I fit the bill. Coincidence? Maybe possible. However, my gut tells me that everything I experienced I now know to be directly related to my Birth Control.

DISCLAIMER: I do want to mention that I was an advocate for Birth Control for a long time and in some ways I still am. Yes, I feel like it may be dangerous for some users, however, if you are someone who is not sensitive to Birth Control and find that you don’t suffer any medical issues or side effects I would suggest that you continue to use it until you are ready to get off. I think Birth Control is really helping in general with decreasing the number of unwanted pregnancies. Babies are a serious thing and if you’re someone who doesn’t want children yet, but can’t be sexually responsible without being on Birth Control then I absolutely would suggest staying on it. Just make sure that you are listening to and paying attention to your body. Do not just brush medical issues that you may be experiencing under the rug like I did for so long.

I have now been off Birth Control for two weeks and already I feel completely different. I have more energy even early in the morning, I feel much happier and more bubbly, I haven’t had a single headache since coming off the pill…and the list just seems to go on as the days go on. Granted, my hormones will probably spend the next 3 months adjusting and I won’t get a period for a while. I started taking raw Red Maca capsules which is a food known to help regulate and balance hormones. I’m hoping that this helps things to balance out and get back to how I was pre Birth Control. I’m ready for my NEW Normal which is…My REAL NORMAL body and Cycle. I will keep you guys posted on how the Maca is working for me over time. Love to all my ladies and keep making informed decisions when it comes to your body and your health!!!! 

Stay Safe <3



2 thoughts on “Lets talk Birth Control: The decision to stay on OR get off of Oral Contraception.

  1. I recently stopped taking the pills about a month ago and I too feel much better off of it. While on, I ended up having to be prescribed glasses as well. The headaches have always been there, and sadly are still here smh. I made the decision to get off just because but knowing what I know now, thank God I did! Awesome post girl!

    1. The glasses part for me was the most wild because I had perfect vision for so long !! Definitely don’t find that to be coincidental! And don’t get me started on those headaches whew!! Lol thanks for reading girl 💗

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