Why eliminating Dairy from your diet might just CLEAR your skin!

If you suffer from Acne your skin could be reacting to a number of things. Sometimes Acne can be caused by Genetics. Maybe your Mom or Dad had acne in their younger adult years and so now you’re getting it. Sometimes acne can also be caused by poor skin care techniques. OTHER TIMES, a super common yet overlooked factor is — that your acne is caused by your diet!!! Yes, the food you eat! While the research is still out on how exactly diet plays a significant role in our skin health, there are some overall FACTS that we now know. One major aggravator of Acne that you probably are consuming isssss…



Dairy is ANY food or drink products you are eating that contain Cow Milk, such as: The obvious drinking of Cow Milk itself (of any percent), Cheese, Ice Cream, butter etc.

How is Dairy linked to acne you ask? Well, for starters..Cow Milk contains Hormones, which do wonders for nurturing their baby Calves. Their Milk contains a Hormone known as IGF-1 which is a Growth Hormone that will make their baby Calf big and strong. When a human drinks Cow Milk, processing these Hormones doesn’t go as smoothly as you would see it in a baby Calf. This IGF-1 Hormone causes Inflammation in our human bodies. If you didn’t know, when your body is experiencing internal Inflammation it can also make your physical appearance on the outside inflamed as well. One thing we do know about acne is that it’s an INFLAMED skin condition. That being said, if you’re eating something that is known to cause inflammation IN your body, you can expect your skin to exhibit that same inflammation on the outside.


To make matters worse, the hormone IGF-1 causes spikes in Insulin in our bodies. A spike such as this causes our Liver to produce MORE IGF-1, which in turn causes even MORE acne!!! Another unpleasant aspect of this, is that consuming a lot of Dairy can also make your skin produce more Sebum….Which means MORE OIL!!! For anyone with oily skin, you know just how scary the thought of producing EVEN MORE oil is lol. Excess Sebum (oil) leads to more clogged Pores and creates a breeding ground for the P. Acnes bacteria…aka ACNE CAUSING BACTERIA.

I know all my people who love Cheese and Ice Cream are probably trying to justify in their heads right now how this could possibly be a lie…BUT, the research is out there people! Unfortunately, Dairy is NOT your skin’s friend...Or really your bodies friend at all (but I’ll save that for another day). For anyone looking for a Dairy substitute try looking into products that contain Almond Milk (or Nut Milk in General). They even make Dairy-Free Almond Milk/Coconut Milk Ice Creams..so if you’re a big ice cream consumer you can at least have dairy free options of your faves!


If you’re experiencing Acne of any type, and you’ve tried changing your skin care routine already and that’s not working…TRY CHANGING YOUR DIET!! So many people are eliminating Dairy from their diets and seeing amazing skin clearing results. If you want clear skin bad enough, you’ll make the right decision!

I hope this blog post was helpful to anyone who’s on a never-ending Skin journey like I am, or anyone who’s just generally concerned with what they’re putting in or on their body. Although this Blog isn’t specifically for Skin Talk, I do plan on putting my Esthetician Education to use and dropping some gems on Y’all here and there. Let me know if you liked this and if you want more Skin related topics on here!!





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