Why it’s important as a Creative to take a break!

Today is the first day that I’ve written a blog post in OVER a month. At first when thinking about that to myself, I had a lot of feelings of guilt. I’m a Creative, I’m supposed to create. I’m supposed to put out content, non-stop, right? I mean these days social media is almost even over saturated with content. It seems like every creative online is a machine that constantly pumps out art. Why can’t I be that way? Then I thought about the topic a bit further…

What makes a Creator, Create? What’s behind the content/art? What’s behind MY content? My art? For me, I think I’m only able to create when I FEEL it. What I mean is, there are moments in time, where I am beyond inspired. I’ll have a day where an entire book chapter will pop in my head to write. I also have days where writing one simple line of Poetry is impossible and my mind is left blank. However, all of that is important.

Art is a feeling. It’s a vibe (so cliche). When I write anything it’s because I was moved to. As human beings, we naturally aren’t always moved. We aren’t always inspired. Furthermore, where is this rule that creators must create non stop to be worth mentioning? Sure, I get Branding wise why it’s important to maintain some consistency if you’re trying to achieve certain things business-wise. For me, I just want to create and whatever comes of it is what comes of it. I started writing because I needed an outlet. So many thoughts fill up my head on a daily basis and I need somewhere to lay them. Whether I’m simply writing about a skin care product I enjoy, or I’m posting a deep heart felt Poem, there’s intention behind all my words.

If you’re a Creator reading this I want you to know that it’s okay to take some time off to collect yourself, your thoughts and your ideas. It’s okay to take time to dive deep and discover what your craft means to you. It’s okay to take time to regroup, to change your mind or your artistic direction. When we put pressure on ourselves is when the content stops being real. When it stops being genuine..and people can always sense when something isn’t genuine or it’s forced..better yet, rushed.

Although I do not plan on taking another long break, if the time comes where I need one, I’ll take it. I may lose followers, and subscribers, but I’ll be in a space where I can allow myself to grow rather than look at it as a Creative “rut”. I’ve got more content on my brain than ever, and I’m ready to give you guys some good reads this year…2019, Lets get it!



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