Top FREE ways that you can support your friend’s craft or business.

So you have a friend who is a Creative Artist such as a Blogger, Painter, Author, Singer etc. and they’re building their brand from scratch. You see this friend selling their work or services, and you aren’t financially in a position where you can purchase their stuff. I’ve been in that position before and it can sort of make you feel like a shitty friend, that’s for sure. However- Just because you may not financially be able to purchase their work right then and there doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways you can show your support. I think people forget just how IMPORTANT something as simple as word of mouth is these days. Not being able to buy your friends stuff doesn’t make you a bad friend- what does make you a bad friend is not looking for other avenues of how you can show your support that do not involve any money at all and very little of your time.

I wanted to briefly touch on some FREE ways that you can still be a supportive loving friend while your homegirl (or boy) is building up their new brand.


Whatever it is that your friend does- you have the power to SHARE what they’re doing with your social media following. Whether it’s a blog post, their latest painting, their book- doesn’t matter REPOST it and SHARE it on your social media. It costs you nothing to just simply repost something. Spread the news about your friends business/brand! You would be surprised how many people will take a liking to what it is that your friend did – and then they’ll go follow them and maybe become a supporter as well. I myself have seen when friends of mine share my blog posts on their pages that I gain atleast a couple of followers and new subscribers off of it. If you don’t want to add it to your actual Instagram PAGE that’s fine – just utilize your IG stories then.

2. Engage with their posts!

If you see your friend posting their work or brand make sure you ALWAYS show love in the comments!!! It takes less than 30 seconds of your day to type up a simple message like “Wow that’s dope I love it!”. It makes other people stop and show love when they see others doing it. Not only that- but Instagram has this wacky algorithm thing going on where unless your post has comments on it, chances are it’s not being seen and isn’t appearing on peoples timelines.

3. TAG them when someone makes a post inquiring about needing something in your friends area of expertise

Let’s say, someone, posts something like “Need a graphic designer in Atlanta, anyone know any!?” and your friend is a graphic designer in Atlanta…You BETTER go tag them on that post!!! This goes back to how important word of mouth is when showing support. By doing this you’re helping your friend build connections and can maybe even help them get some money out of the situation. They’ll be supper appreciative that you thought of them in that moment.

4. Go to any of their free events

If they have any sort of event they’re hosting, maybe their first book signing, or whatever it may be..GO!!! Show up for your friend! It’ll mean the world to them to see that you took time out of your day to be there.

None of this advice is rocket science, you may even see it as common sense. As we all know though, common sense is not always common lol. As someone who is trying to build up their brand -trust me when I say SUPPORT is what drives us! We’re all just squirrels trying to get a nut at the end of the day. Stop making excuses and make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to make your Entrepreneurial or creative friends feel SEEN and appreciated…Whether you have the money or not. Love goes a long way.



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