Going off the Birth Control Pill…Again (Round Two)

Some of you may remember around this time last year, a blog post that I had put up about me coming off the Birth Control pill after being on it for several years. I had gotten to a place where I knew how the pill was negatively effecting my body and no longer wanted any part in it.

Well..Coming off the pill didn’t exactly go as I planned. I got off the pill and the first..maybe two months were bliss. My mood was amazing, I had a ton of energy, my skin and hair was lovely. Then good ol’ month THREE hit and completely messed ALL of that up! I experienced the worst cystic acne outbreak of my entire life. I had a history of very mild acne as a young teen but this!? This was something else. It looked like I had chicken pox from my head to my chest. I even got body acne which I had NEVER in my life had.

To make matters worse, not only was I covered in painful, irritated cystic acne, but I was also losing weight..quite rapidly. If you follow me you know I am naturally already a slim woman so I definitely don’t need to lose weight. Getting on birth control made me gain weight so I had gotten used to seeing a more curvy figure and was pretty bummed to see myself getting so thin again.

I wish I could say that I was less vain, and stuck with being off the pill despite (what I thought to be) the decline of my physical appearance at the time..but that’s not the case. The acne had gotten so bad that it literally hurt to wash my face. Most of you also know I went to Esthetician school some years back so I have an impeccable skin care routine and know for sure that the products were not making a change in my skin. Nothing topical would help…because the reason my body was going crazy was really my hormones being a HOT DAMN MESS from discontinuing the pill. 

I had forgotten that in my research about stopping the pill I did hear about month three and on being horrendous for a lot of people. Apparently that’s when shit hits the fan and people start to break out and experience crazy mood changes. I was becoming a bit depressed too..and that could just be because I didn’t feel sexy anymore, I’m not entirely sure. I just basically gave up and said “FCK THIS, IM GETTING BACK ON THE PILL!” And just like that, I was back on it. After about a month ALL of my cystic acne completely faded and I was picking back up in weight.

Fast forward to now and I’m more into Holistic healing than I’ve ever been. I always have been into it, but it’s truly grown into such a passion for me over this past six months. All the things I’m learning about the body and healing it with a plant based diet are honestly mind blowing and I’m amazed by what we can achieve with food. That being said, knowing what I know now and knowing how dangerous the Birth Control pill can be for many women..I just don’t feel right continuing to take it just because I’m scared of some acne. At the end of the day the acne, the mood swings, etc that you experience when you get off the pill are simply just because of a hormonal imbalance.

I have now been off the Pill for about five days. Ofcourse my skin still looks great, no change really in weight yet, but I know that all of that will come and hit me like a freight train in a couple of months. This time I plan to heal my hormones by getting some hormone testing done, continuing to eat a Plant-based diet and using supplements to support any deficiencies the pill has caused. I’m going into it with the mindset that I’m going to heal this body and cure myself of my unwanted post birth control symptoms. I plan to update you all every so often as I embark on this journey for a second time and share with yall the brutally honest hard moments to come from leaving this pill behind.

Lastly I want to add, just because I am choosing to discontinue my use of the pill does not mean that I am necessarily against the pill at the same time. I love that the pill has enabled women for years and years to be able to thrive in their education and careers until they were ready to have a child. For me it’s more about consent. I find a lot of Doctors want to push Birth Control so they leave out a lot of details and women are unknowingly consenting to a whole bunch of possibly terrible side effects. If you know what Birth Control can possibly do to your health and you still want to take it, I support you! Know what is going in your body and make informed decisions.

As always, thanks for reading <3



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